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I have always enjoyed my clients’ presence around me, irrespective of the recession.

And I am sure, every one of us, The VAs, would love that. I love working with my Clients, even during their tough times. There has always been a co-ordinated effort to meet the targets fixed by my clients.

It is very important to keep our Clients reminded them of our Services. Sending mails to them regularly enquiring about their achievements and updating them with the latest news about our work, always help us, the Virtual Assistants. Make it a point to keep a Mailing List of your existing as well as your future Clients. Writing to them regularly, will make them to get back to you whenever they are in need of any help or assitance.

If you are yet to have a proper Mailing List, then do it NOW. The recession is going to get over and things are looking up. We are going to get more Clients, hence more work. So make it QUICK.

The Market Place hasn’t gone down. So keep yourself updated. When you need my help in creating a Mailing List,do write to me. I shall be glad to help you. I shall do the Internet Research for you to prepare the Mailing List.

Wishing you all the best from my helpdesk

A reliable virtual assistant from India.

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My Client – Patrick, The Great Speaker
My Client – Aditya, The Upcoming Scientist
My Client – Mark Peysha, Director of the Tony Robbins Films
My Client – Brian K. Gillman, Entrepreneur
My Client – Tobias Wegenast, Experiential Leadership Development
My Client – Karen Waksman, The Great Speaker
My Client – Sarah Tolson, Certified Financial Planner
My Client – Mike Mastracci, attorney and counselor at law
My Client – Jennifer Fink, a Certified Professional Photographer
My Client – Amy Alvis,estate planning
My Client – Kim McAtee, Realtor
My Client – Sean Coleman, entrepreneur, engineer, and social hacker
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