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Sharing your experience with your Clients is as important and as interesting as sharing with your peers.  Your Blog Posts will definitely help you to drive traffic to your main website. So posting interesting happenings in your profession and letting your clients post their comments about their experience with you, will naturally help you to rope in more Clients.  I could help you with posting your Blogs or schedule them whenever you want them to get it published. For example, you might want your blog post to be published right at the time of the announcement of discounts or free offers. I can take care of the scheduling for you and leave you to concentrate on the main Event.

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My Client – Patrick, The Great Speaker
My Client – Aditya, The Upcoming Scientist
My Client – Mark Peysha, Director of the Tony Robbins Films
My Client – Brian K. Gillman, Entrepreneur
My Client – Tobias Wegenast, Experiential Leadership Development
My Client – Karen Waksman, The Great Speaker
My Client – Sarah Tolson, Certified Financial Planner
My Client – Mike Mastracci, attorney and counselor at law
My Client – Jennifer Fink, a Certified Professional Photographer
My Client – Amy Alvis,estate planning
My Client – Kim McAtee, Realtor
My Client – Sean Coleman, entrepreneur, engineer, and social hacker
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