When Do You Need A Virtual Assistant?

Would you hire a PS – Personal Secretary?

PS sit in front of you to take down your instructions, which could easily be passed on, via email. Your PS needs your office space for 8 hours even if there is no work for a whole part of the day. PS uses your telephone connection that you hire for 30days whereas it is used only to make and receive few calls a day. Your PS enjoy the employee benefits that could easily be avoided by you.

Or would you hire a VA – Virtual Assistant?

VA gives you the comfort of sending your instructions right from your living room or from a park whenever you find time. VA doesn’t need your office space to sit and work. VA doesn’t need your telephone to make or receive calls. VA doesn’t have to be paid any other benefits than the actual payment for the work that is done for you.

Who would need a VA?

An entrepreneur who runs a start up venture, who can neither afford to hire an office space nor hire a full time employee. Any individual who think that hiring a full time employee and having a rented office space is not necessary for his business, right now. Some one whose business demands to travel more but to be in touch with the clients too often.  Some one who would need a person to answer calls on his behalf when he travels. Some one who feels that he is wasting his time by making cold calls to his customers. Some one who wouldn’t want to spend too much time on Internet, searching for the contact details of those businesses that could be of any interest to him. Some one who wishes to have more than two hands and more than 24hrs a day.

So, hire a VA, if you are one among the many persons above.

Uma sits in India and help Patrick, of Tactical Execution, the author of  “Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed” who lives in California, San Francisco, USA.

Uma sits in India and help Tobias Wegenast, in his MBTI training modules, who lives in Switzerland.

Uma sits in India and help  Sean Coleman in his start up ventures, who lives in Tempe, Arizona.

This blog is updated here too.

So, I can help you too. Write to me.

A reliable virtual assistant from India.

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About Uma Mahi - Virtual Assistant from Chennai, India
Helping small business owners and entrepreneurs promote their business online since 2007.

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